SSL fails of errors

Check failures keep occurring for my CNAME occurrences. It says that it can find the CNAME occurrences as shown in the image. But for an unknown reason there is still an error code. I have tried finding out how to correct errors #2 or #6 but I have not found clear instructions. Any explanations would be appreciated.

If you click the failed certificate, you’ll be brought to a page with a more detailed error message.

Error code #6 is actually a specification of #2, which was a very common error message. And error code #6 actually has a very specific message as to what you should do.

Can you please check that and see if that helps?

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hi ! i also having an issue with adding ssl. i don’t know where to go. i am having the same issue and error. Maybe I failed to input the correct corresponding to destination field

according to this Simply copy the bold fragment from the client area page (either _acme-challenge or _acme-challenge.www) and paste it in the Record Name field. Copy the corresponding Destination from the client area, and paste it in the Destination field. i wanted to know where is the destination from the client area ?

i already in this step

Thank you for helping me

These are the destination records that you will need to insert in that field for your CNAME records:


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