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Hello, I have installed an ssl and it has not yet been put on my page, my website is

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I just want you to help me put ssl on my website please, I need for my sales almost no one enters my website for that reason. Thank you

Looks ok

Did you do this?

Chrome seems to mark your website as phishing site…


There’s no problem with your SSL certificate, your site has been marked as a phishing site.
Please don’t host a phishing site on InfinityFree, you effect the rankings of all sites that share
Anyways, if your website has been mistakenly flagged, the only way to get around this is a domain change.

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how can I solve that?

Hello, I already did this, it has not worked for me, but when I enter the site the secure ssl is seen, and I enter with it is not secure. and when I enter with the htpps:// in my cell it appears that the page is not secure, and I do it from pc and it tells me that it is secure

How about


Hello, they banned my account, I have not done anything wrong

What was the reason for suspension?

If it was a permanent suspension, please open a ticket in the client area.

If I had to guess, you are probably operating a phishing site, and were suspended for that. Only the client area will be able to give you an accurate anwser through.


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