Ssl error

Hello. Looking for good hosting for my project. Recently i used 000webhost.
Everything worked perfectly, but there often falls a database. It doesn 't suit me very much.
Selected EPIZY. This - very hard level difficulty.
Spent 24 hours connecting the Ssl certificate. Used
This hosting DISABLED 2 / 3 methods of confirmation domain.
Mail - disabled. Connect from zerossl → epizy. Was closes. And zerossl cant check file on epizy servers.
Five minutes ago. I was connected SSH, upload files.
But now, i get new error (on this hosting only errors…):
“Warning: file_get_contents(): SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages: error:14090086:SSL routines:ssl3_get_server_certificate:certificate verify failed in”.
Im very tired and disappointed. WHY SO HARD?
Help me please. Thx. And sorry for my bad Eng.

I want connect to
curl returns error - “Peer reports it experienced an internal error”.

Certificate is good. Browser dont alert me about unregistered certificate. All is good. Something wrong with this host. Because, on other hostings all working perfectly.

Maybe you should migrate to Lets Encrypt. Use this tool:

Note: This is manual ssl certificate generator. Its not automated.
Tip: Use a DNS type verification.

Its my mistake. This hosting doesn’t allow connect to telegram :frowning:

I think bots are blocked from InfinityFree.
You can read this:

Most API’s are blocked here and won’t work due to the security system, and please refer to the Knowledge Base article sent by @JavesPotato for more information.


We have an article explaining specifically why you should NOT use I’m not surprised it took you that long, you’re making it much harder for yourself for no reason.

Which methods do you mean? There are no disabled domain verification methods, there simply aren’t any more right now.

Well, where is it? Where do you see that error?

Or just use the tool we built specifically to get free SSL certificates in a way that works best with our hosting.


Sorry @Admin, I didn’t even know or notice that you have your own ssl certicate tool. Now I know you have. By the way, thanks.

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