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Hi i need help with my SSL certificate, my domain is and when i try adding it it says * was seen. How can i fix this?

Hello there,

If you are trying to get an SSL from Let’s Encrypt, you can’t do the FTP verification or the acme-challenge because of the security system present, it will always result in an error.

If you want an SSL, you can use Cloudflare to get one by adding your site there directly or you can use the vPanel (Control Panel) Cloudflare Integration.

Hope this helps.

Welcome @delilahapp :slight_smile: Have you checked the knowledge base? It’s at the top of every page in green letters KNOWLEDGE BASE clicking it will open a new page. The SSL section is the third section down on the left side of the page, header is HTTPS and SSL, I’ve pasted the first one in that section below.


You can’t add wildcard certificates on free hosting. If you want to add a certificate please ensure that it isn’t a wildcard certificate. Also, if you’re gonna use other tools but the Client Area to make the Let’s Encrypt certificate it won’t be allowed as for the article @Steve2854 posted.


Okay, thank you :).

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