SSL Error

hii I had taken a ssl from cloudflare and its working fine few hours ago but now its not working so I had contact to there staff then they said “You need a certificate on your server.” so can you guys can guide me to that? I mean how to install certificate in the server.

Cloudflare CA certificates are not supported on free hosting to install.

but its working fine last time

What is the domain name, so that I can check?

For me it works fine; for you it’s just a DNS propagation issue, so you need to wait 24 hours before accessing the website again.

ohk and can you please say why im not abling to send message from my original account

Because you need to wait for the Admin to review the message and/or unlock the account. However, your “original” account didn’t have the “Basic” badge unlocked.

hmm so can you please say about it to admin to review it as soon as possible

I can’t PM the Admin at the moment, nor does the email at [email protected] respond me but deny it. Wait here for some time.

oh sad but anyways thanks for help

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One of the great features of Cloudflare is that it works without the backend server supporting SSL at all. So I’m very surprised they say you have to install an SSL certificate. Or did you enable “Full (strict)” SSL in Cloudflare? If so, you can just use “Full” SSL instead.


I remember you said this once so i have enabled only full ssl mode not the full strict.

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