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hi! I think I have a similar problem - I made my website using freenom, infinityfree and wordpress(changed url to https) and somehow the ssl certificate from infinity free is there but doesn’t work: i get “Windows does not have enough information to verify the certificate” also the certificate i had before has expired now, but it didn’t work anyway…should i install an intermediate certificate or something? tbh this is my first time setting a website, i wanted to do it for free and now i can’t really understand what exactly went wrong…i see that op managed to overcome their problem, but i’m still struggling

Hello! Can you please share your domain name, as well as the SSL provider you are using?


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the one i had previosly that expired was by let’s encrypt, i also tried cloudfare and self signed certificate but didn’t manage to make them work

Please follow this guide

If you use CloudFlare full mode, you need minimally a self-signed cert (recommended).


For your information: please do not add your question to another topic unless you’re 100% sure you have 100% the same problem. If you think you have a similar problem, please create a different topic, because discussing two different questions in the same topic just creates a mess and doesn’t help anyone.

I have checked your certificate and I see you’ve currently got a Self Signed certificate installed, but are not using Cloudflare.

Like it said in the list of features of the certificate, Self Signed certificates are not trusted by browsers. Their main use case is to serve as a backend certificate for Cloudflare.

But if you want HTTPS but don’t care about Cloudflare, you should really get a different certificate, for example from ZeroSSL, and install that instead.


hey, i’ll create a new topic next time and i’m really sorry for my series of dumb questions but could you please check my certificate again? I installed a new one, but
i’m sending screens of my ssl certificate panel and as you can see the previous certificate and the new one have a status of an installed certificate - is this a problem? I have no idea how to remove a certificate.
I think the op from the previous topic i posted in made their website in a similar manner to me and they have a lock icon now so their certificate works, while mine still shows ‘unsafe’ while the certificate is valid.

Is there a way i could obtain the lock icon for free?
If yes, could you please be so kind and write the steps i need to take one by one? I really don’t have any experience with this and don’t really know what i’m doing yet.

In order:

You may also read all of the docs in the HTTPS & SSL category:


I have no idea how, but the padlock has suddenly appeared so thank you all for your help.

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This sounds like a case of SSL cache. Chrome and derivatives are known to remember old SSL data for a while, and clearing your browser cache does not clear SSL cache.

This is why I always recommend to test in Private Browsing mode, because it bypasses this cache.


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