Ssl does not connect, although connected http works https does not

sll не подключается , хотя подключил http работает htts нет . Подскажите , что бы у сайта работал ,безопасное соединение

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You chose the wrong certificate
don’t choose self-sig but the one that is recommended to you (green)


ok , how do I delete that sll if it 's not being deleted ?

No need to delete it - it will be replaced by a new one that you will install


you can please install it from me . Or tell me how to change it to the recommended one , so that there would be a secure https connection

Only if you give me your username and password - but forget that!

You have to learn to do it because you will do it every 3 months.
That’s how long the certificates last and they have to be renewed again and again.

Take a screenshot so we can see exactly where you’re stuck

I assume on the CNAME section
and that you didn’t go to the control panel at all (although all the instructions are written to you while creating the certificate).

if this helps you (you are using a free subdomain, so read that part)


can you please write to me in telegram. I 'm stuck on the fact that a normal and secure connection is not connected there .And I don 't understand what to do , I can 't delete or change it

I messed around in the control panel myself, tried to delete it, it’s not being deleted

Delete here

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Simply navigate to the ZeroSSL certificate found in the client area, and click the “Install SSL Certificate Automatically” button. This will replace the currently installed certificate with the new one from ZeroSSL, and provide you with valid HTTPS.


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