SSL DNS changed but haven't got the certificate - for this website I am trying to get a ssl. The domain registered from “freenom” & using “infinityfree” hosting and ssl.

I have successfully changed the cname records correctly in my cpanel. There was showing it’s may take 24 hours to change dns. But it’s already 72 hours and I haven’t received my ssl certificate.

Please help me.

screenshot please

Collaged the images. 1st image is cname on cpanel and 2nd is infinityfree ssl section…

Anyone there please help…

please copy it in a straight line. Secondly this is a community forum, so please don’t expect the fastest response.

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How to add those in straight line. Can you please help by elaborating the process. I am new to this.

Red circled should be one line

It’s already in a straight line, I just took the screenshot from my mobile.

Please make sure to copy the DNS name exactly as it is shown in the client area.

In the client area, the records start with _acme-challenge. You have setup redirects for acme-challenge. If the names don’t match, the records are not detected.


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