SSL Current Destination 'Not Ready' even after several hours


I’m hosting for my namecheap domain. The HTTP version of the website is working properly. After this, I’ve ordered ZeroSSL and added the CNAME properly. I’ve checked the CNAME from mxtoolbox checker and it’s visible online. Now I’ve been waiting for several hours and the ‘Current Destination’ is not being updated to ‘Ready’…

How long does it take for ZeroSSL or SSL in general to be ready? Thanks

Due to the nature of the internet, it can take up to 72 hours for the CNAME to be recognized (but should generally take less than 24hrs). However, once it is, issuance should take less than 10 minutes.


I recommend going straight thru zero SSL site it is faster than going thru infinity and not you are limited to 3 active certificates

you are limited to 3 certificates per account at zerossl directly, but on infinity free, there are no such restrictions.

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Updating DNS takes some time. If the nameservers of your provider are updated (almost) instantly, you should be able to see the CNAME record within half an hour or so.

In general DNS things can take up to 72 hours. But our CNAME lookup is tweaked so it won’t take anywhere near that long.

If the Current Record still isn’t updated after a few hours, you should definitely double check to make sure that you’ve added the CNAME record correctly.


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