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Please I am new here. I have bought a new domain but I need An SSL CERTIFICATE . I don’t know the steps involved. Can someone please help me with the steps by steps process I need to secure one

if you are using domain then you can not get ssl certificate

You can use the official tool:

The instructions are already there and the tool will guide you.

Also, you can check this out:


on select free SSL certficate
Click “Add SSL Domain”
And then setup your DNS Records for your domain. If the status says ready
Click “Request SSL”
Click “Issued” in Step 2 section
Copy the private key and certificate key
Go to control panel
And Copy the private key and certificate key (leave it . It’s saved automaticly)
Go to your website using https
And it’s working


Can we get ssl for yes or no


You can’t get SSL on free hosting platform subdomains.


Sorry, there is no free ssl for subdomain


No, subdomains given by Infinityfree are not allowed to have SSL unless you have your own custom domain.


Thanks very much. I have begun the process. But my issue is with the setting up of the DNS records for my domain. Is there any way I can do that?


Read this


and this

You can make or add an HTTPS SSL certificate on your any subdomains ( if you use Cloudflare for FREE ssl and had a custom domain.

@DundocWeb Listen. Go here directly.
I am sure you can get it.

Or just use our tool. Which works just as well, and also works fine with subdomains.


I’m having the same issue. All your instructions are cryptic and not step by step as expected for non professional webdevelopers.

You would need to login to the control panel for your domain to change the DNS.
Next you will need to change the CNAME records.

If that’s the case, we need to improve the instructions. But I don’t know exactly what’s not clear to you.

Can you please create a new topic, and in that topic, provide the following information?

  • For which domain are you trying to get SSL.
  • How far have you gotten yourself and where do you get stuck.
  • Which exact instruction are you trying to follow, and why are you having trouble doing so? Or for which part are you unable to find clear instructions?

With that information, we should be able to help you get up and running and improve our documentation to help others do the same.


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