SSL checker does not resolve to an IP address


My website URL is:
Account ID: epiz_23787178
It is a simple website (html and JS only) without any CMS on it.

The domain is registered in GoDaddy. I configured the name servers to point to:

and I can browse the website correctly.
The problem is that I have uploaded SSL certificate that I purchased some time ago and when I tried to check the installation via SSL checker, I got an error that “my domain does not resolve to an IP address” which is very weird.

This is the URL of the SSL checker: SSL Checker

I also tried this SSL checker: mmuniweb
but the result is the same.

Can you check if I have configured everything as it should?


Hi Jecky


Your domain has not yet fully completed the DNS propagation
and that is the reason why some of these tools display error (they have no DNS data yet)

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