SSL certificates.


I’m very confused now because when I saw premium hosting plans, they let people activate SSL with Let’s Encrypt.

Oh well, that means that premium users are ‘in-danger’ when they use Let’s Encrypt and free users are ‘more protected’ by restricting Let’s Encrypt?

It sounds very confusing, I don’t think that ‘security reasons’ is a real reason for the restriction of Let’s Encrypt.

P.S. Why do you still think that Let’s Encrypt is ‘dangerous’? It’s sponsored by Mozilla, Facebook, etc. and it serves SSLs to very many sites.

Let’s Encrypt is not dangerous and we did not make the deliberate decision to block or restrict Let’s Encrypt. It’s just that Let’s Encrypt doesn’t play well with the security systems we had in place before Let’s Encrypt ever became a thing. I repeat: this security system was not put in place to block Let’s Encrypt.

If we believed it was dangerous, why would we advertise in on premium hosting? The only reason it does work on premium hosting because premium hosting providers are willing to take more risks for their customers because the money they pay makes that possible.