SSL Certificates!

It’s fine. Anyways, it is correct. Now visit the Free SSL Certificate webpage and check if both are “Ready” and green. Then request a certificate. When you get your SSL certificate, open you cPanel and go to “SSL” page and press “Configure” next to your domain and paste the entire “Private Key” part (including the “===” in the beginning and the end of it) to “Private Key” text box and press “Upload Key”. You DON’T have to generate key/CSR and leave the CSR part empty. Then paste the entire “Certificate” into the “Certificate” box and hit "Upload Certificate.

There’s been an issue with certificates so it might broke things up if you set your Cloudflare SSL mode to “Full” or “Full (strict)”, set it to “Flexible” for now until that issue is fixed. Check out the pinned posts on forum about this issue or : Read this before posting a new topic

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