SSL Certificates!

Hi…i have a new account here and a domain registered at
The thing is that i need a way to put my site under “https://”…
I have pointed the CNAME to and asked for a Free SSL Certificate at my account … since Sunday (13, June) …this is what shows:

How can i get the Free SSL Certificate to put my Domain under “https://” ?

Make a new cname record with the record name and destination.

pointing to

No, pointing to the “Destination”.
You have to create 2 CNAME records with “Record Name” pointing to “Destination”, not “Current Destination”. For example:
_acme-challenge → (the second blank in the picture)
_acme-challenge.www → (the last blank in the picture)

After doing this, both “Not Ready” should turn green and you can request SSL Certificate.
If any problems occur after installing the certificate, please read other tagged posts in the forums for more detail.


Like this:

Sorry im new on this!

It’s fine. Anyways, it is correct. Now visit the Free SSL Certificate webpage and check if both are “Ready” and green. Then request a certificate. When you get your SSL certificate, open you cPanel and go to “SSL” page and press “Configure” next to your domain and paste the entire “Private Key” part (including the “===” in the beginning and the end of it) to “Private Key” text box and press “Upload Key”. You DON’T have to generate key/CSR and leave the CSR part empty. Then paste the entire “Certificate” into the “Certificate” box and hit "Upload Certificate.

There’s been an issue with certificates so it might broke things up if you set your Cloudflare SSL mode to “Full” or “Full (strict)”, set it to “Flexible” for now until that issue is fixed. Check out the pinned posts on forum about this issue or : Read this before posting a new topic

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now they show like this:

What am i doing wrong?

You only added the “” part you have to add the entire destination, not only that part. The entire Destination URL is required, not only that part of those URLs.


so it must be:

read the darn pins

i tried with GoGetSSl and this is what shows now:

sorry…i have some dificulties on understanding all…i am not english…im portuguese :slight_smile:

Please use LetsEncript, it works better. There are some ongoing SSL issues, so it probably won’t work anyway.

Please be respectful towards new users.


I think i got it…key and certificate through GoGetSSL :slight_smile:
i have pasted both in the SSL part of the Cpanel…but i had no success message!!
will it show one?
and what happens when it expires? What will i need to do? this is validated only until 2021-09-13

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There is no message. Try visiting your site and adding “https://” to the beginning.

You will only have to create a new certificate, and as long as you do not delete the CNAME records, you should only have to wait about an hour for a certificate to be generated, than you can copy and paste the new codes.

Let me know if it worked!

I said include the entire Desitnation which looks like this:

The below example might finally solve your problem, of course I used my website as example so change those with your own domain and your URLs.

Record: _acme_challenge
Current Destination: (not found) [NOT READY]
Record: _acme_challenge.www
Current Destination: (not found) [NOT READY]

in cPanel (Control Panel):
ADVANCED tab → CNAME Records (DNS logo) →

  1. Record Name: _acme_challenge Domain: Destination: → Hit “Add”.
  2. Record Name: _acme_challenge.www Domain: Destination: → Hit “Add”

Keep both CNAMEs and don’t remove them until your SSL certificate arrives. You can delete them later if you want but you need to add them back on new request so I’d rather keep them in there.

Then in Free SSL Cert. Menu:

  1. Click on your domain.
  2. Check if both NOT READYs turned into READY. If it doesn’t, just wait and refresh the page.
  3. If it does, click to “Request SSL Certificate” on right underneath the CNAME information.
  4. Wait until both Private Key and Certificate arrives, you can safely reload the page.
  5. When they arrive, copy them into somewhere safe or just open a new tab and follow the rest from there.

And back in cPanel:

  1. SECURITY tab → SSL/TLS →
  2. Copy the entire Private key with both “=== BEGIN …” and “=== END” parts and paste it into the Private Key area.
  3. Hit “Upload Key”.Don’t click on the “Generate key / CSR”.
  4. Leave CSR field empty.
  5. Copy the entire Certificate with both “== BEGIN…” and “=== END…” parts and paste it into the Certificate are.
  6. Hit “Upload Certificate”.
  7. Visit your website with https:// instead of http://.

On any page errors, read the pinned forum posts in here or the links that I scattered across this post.


I was able to get one by GoGetSSL…seems to be working :slight_smile:
Lots Of Thanks!


No problem.


There is a record shown in the Destination field. That’s the value you need to use.

Please don’t overthink it. Just copy the value from the client area in the control panel. We’re doing our best to make this as easy as possible. Coming up with your own DNS records is not easy. If you only needed or, we would have shown that value instead.