SSL Certificates Pending Status

My website URL is

I have used the SSL Certificates feature in Infinity Free.
I have successfully setup the acme CNAME records and requested the SSL Certificate.

The status says “Pending”.

How long does it usually take for the request to be processed?
The message says “We’re currently getting your SSL certificate. Please check again in a few minutes!”

Does it take a few minutes or does it take many hours?

Is there something else I need to do?

All Good. It is now working.

Is there any features or options for auto SSL renewals?

There were some issues with setting up new SSL certificates. These issues should have been resolved now and the certificate issued.

Not with free hosting, no. Once your current SSL certificate is about to expire, you’ll need to request a new one and install it manually. Fully automatic SSL installation and renewal is only available with premium hosting.

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