SSL Certificates Expires Fast

My SSL certificates expire after only 3 months. I’m continually told my SSL certificate is expiring soon on both my sites. I thought SSL certs were supposed to last a year or two.

These particular Certificates do only last for 3 months. You can get SSL Certificates that can last for years. In this case they don’t. It takes a few minutes to change the SSL Cert. ALl you have to do is request a new one, and change it on the Control Panel.


I personally think the SSL certificates are a superb addition, like the commenter above says, it couldn’t be easier, me I wait until the last day to get the full 60 days, it takes barely five minutes to sort the new one out…


2 year certs cost money.


2 year certs don’t exist anymore. Browser vendors and certificate authorities agreed that having long lasting certificates was bad for security, so it’s no longer possible to get certificates which last for more than a year.

For this same reason - security - Let’s Encrypt only provides certificates for 3 months. The idea is that Let’s Encrypt can be renewed fully automatically, which does work on premium hosting, but on free hosting you have to do this yourself.

GoGetSSL’s certificates are technically considered “trial” certificates, and Sectigo trial certificates have also always been valid for three months.

So in short: 3 month certificates are the new standard now. On premium hosting it’s automatic, and on free hosting you need to renew the certificate yourself.


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