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I have renewed a SSL certificate and I get this:

Problem is that it has been requesting the SSL certificate for a day now, and I’m still unable to install it. May I know if there is something wrong I did please?

Also on another website, I have made this request and it’s been easily 7 hours and it is still not ready. May I have some help too please?

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I don’t know why it reports “ready” in the first case
when I see that it leads to Bodis, as is the case in your second screenshot

in both cases it is not ready

wait a few more hours maybe it will be ready,
also the admin will definitely check so if something is wrong you will get an answer


For the first case, it seems like it is fine now. On the second, the certificate is still active but I am trying to renew it and when clicking on “install” it just leads again to the page and says “certificate will expire soon”.

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I checked the control panel, and the CNAME record required by the SSL order for the wiki site isn’t configured on your account at all. So that’s obviously why the check doesn’t go ready yet.

As far as I can tell, you didn’t do anything wrong. GoGetSSL certificates just take some time to process. GoGetSSL will notify us if the certificate is ready, and there is a background checker on our end that should also poke them regularly as long as the CNAME checks are green.

This is also the reason why Google Trust is nowadays our recommended SSL provider for subdomains. The order process is just a lot more simple.

I just checked if I could find any reason why it’s taking so long for your order. And at GoGetSSL, they currently have the following banner up:

Sectigo has internal issues. Orders are processed with a delay. Sectigo is aware and already are working on a fix.

It seems likely to me that you are affected by this issue too.


For the first answer, if I’m not mistaken, it is set because it asks if I can install it

That screenshot is from the page of a certificate that’s currently issued. All it really tells you is that you were able to verify a domain at some point in the past.

To “renew” a certificate, you simply need to request a new one (which you already did). And that means you’ll need to verify (again) that you (still) own the domain name.

If the page says you need to setup a new CNAME record, it means you need to setup a new CNAME record. Which you did do for the website subdomain, but not for the wiki.

Fortunately, that’s as simple as clicking the big Setup CNAME Records button on that order.

FYI: With Google Trust, the verification process is different so you only need to setup a CNAME record once. As long as you keep the CNAME record in place, you can just renew the certificate without having to do any additional setup again.

So you may want to try a Google Trust (or ZeroSSL - same story) certificate instead.


This being said, do I have to create a new ssl certificate with Google Trust then?

If you want to! Or you can just validate the GoGetSSL one and switch to Google Trust once it expires.


I made it and now I’ve requested it. Thanks for your help along with everyone else who helped me. Keep up the great work guys!


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