SSL certificate

Hi, I am trying to get a SSL certificate for my website.

ATM, I can get a private Key and CSR, but certificate is not generated.

How do I get one

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You can use our Free SSL Certificates tool to get a certificate, without even needing to generate a Private Key and a CSR:


Can’t get it to work with https for some reason

Can you please explain more about the issue? What trouble are you having?

Please make sure that:

  1. Your SSL certificate has been issued.
  2. The SSL certificate is installed on your domain.
  3. The URLs on your website use HTTPS.
  4. You are redirecting all visitors from HTTP to HTTPS.

Step 1 and 2 is done, but 3 and 4, how do you achieve that? What are the steps?

This is the link to my website with https

For me your website works fine, though you hosted it through Google Sites, so the certificate is already installed on behalf of Google and the HTTPS redirect configuration is taken care of by Google as well. If you want to host it on our servers instead, please point your nameservers to our ones or the A records to point to instead of Google Sites’s server, then for step 3 it depends if you have a CMS or not and for step 4 follow the article Admin linked to.


Thanks for the reply, but I am not technically fluent yet in the Domain configuration so, here is a screenshot from my google domain. I suspect the host servers are pointing to you guys, but is it the DNSSEC need configuring? If it is what setting?

Okay, https still not working. I have these two sections. What field should I input in?

SSL is working fine on my end (I see a Let’s Encrypt certificate). You’re likely experiencing browser and/or DNS cache; clearing both should help.


You dont need to configure dnssec, its not supported here.

As long as you use the infinityfree nameservers, you dont need to worry about this


I tried both my pc and phone, it is still seeing https a blank website. Http is okay. So there is some config issue. Please, what setting do I need to update?

No issue


Use vpn? Issue is clearly on your end

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This is what I am seeing on my ph, PC, on both
chrome and firefox browser


This is what it should look like


clear your browser cache
Use private/incognito mode
Perform a hard refresh


It depends on your website. We don’t have step by step instructions for those because there is no one size fits all approach for it.

Your site seems to be static HTML. If so, replacing the URL could just be doing a big search-replace across your entire code to replace http:// with https://.

As for forcing HTTPS, in the article I linked to is a link to another article that explains it in detail.


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