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Boa tarde a todos.
Estou montando um loja online e sou totalmente iniciante, fiz a loja por uma plataforma, comprei um domínio na hostiger e hospedei aqui na infinity.
Até ai tranquilo…depois tive que configurar o domínio com a plataforma q fiz a loja, como não sabia ao certo o esquema, acabei instalando um certificado ssl na infinity e por fim, acho que isso ta atrapalhando a configuração da loja com a hostiger, então a configuração acaba ficando inativa.
Queria saber como posso resolver isso. Tem como excluir/desativar esse certificado?
Desde ja agradeço atenção a todos.

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Good afternoon everyone.
I’m setting up an online store and I’m a total beginner, I made the store through a platform, bought a domain on hostiger and hosted it here on infinity.
So far so easy… then I had to configure the domain with the platform I made the store, as I didn’t know the scheme for sure, I ended up installing an ssl certificate in infinity and finally, I think this is disturbing the configuration of the store with hostiger, so the setting ends up being inactive.
I wanted to know how can I solve this. Is there a way to delete/deactivate this certificate?
Thank you all for your attention.

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Hi, sorry for the bad manners.
my domain is

Sorry, I forgot the name, my name is Everton

You don’t have any files on the domain yet.

Make sure you have uploaded your files over FTP to the /htdocs folder for your domain.



The platform that I made the store, does this synchronization, for that I need to configure dns on the platform that I bought the domain, after doing this configuration, the files will automatically go to the domain

Hmm, I’m a bit confused as to how your setup should work.

What platform are you using to build your website? Does that platform have any setup instructions on how they want you to configure your domain? Could you share those with us so we can see how things should be set up?

It sounds like you’re using an external platform to provide your online store. But most platforms like that tend to require you to point the domain to their servers. And if you want company A to provide the web pages on a particular (sub)domain, then you can’t host that same (sub)domain with company B at the same time.


Hello good Morning.
I’m using yampi to make the store, I bought the domain on hostiger and hosted it on infinity.
Yampi asks to make the note on hostiger and when the point is made, synchronization with the domain takes place.
I’ve done everything as yampi asks and it still hasn’t worked.
Now I don’t know if this ssl certificate that I installed in infinity is disturbing this configuration, that’s why I wanted to delete/delete/uninstall

unless the yampi attendant instructed me wrong…
I think that maybe this note has to be made at infinity and not hostinger.

I think I found the problem, this yampi note has to be done here at infinity, I just didn’t try it before because it doesn’t have the options that yampi asks for… I have to make 4 notes.

2 with this configuration
Type: A
Name: @
Value: (ip number they provide)

1 with this configuration.
Name: WWW
Value (xxxxx)

1 with this configuration.
Name: insurance

Looking at the instructions, it works as I had expected:

In other words, it means you can host your website with Yampi or you can host it with us.

If you want to follow these instructions, you can use Hostinger’s nameservers and add the DNS records for Yampi to their nameservers. This will direct, and to Yampi, so you can use their e-commerce platform to host your site.

So where does InfinityFree come in? In this setup, it doesn’t. This set-up will result in your site being hosted entirely by Yampi. And this prevents you from hosting the site anywhere else.

If this is not what you want, then can you please describe in detail what you do want the final setup to look like? So page/subdomain/functionality X should be hosted by Yampi and page/subdomain/functionality Y should be hosted by InfinityFree. If you can describe in detail what you want, we can propose a setup to you that lets you do that.


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