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I wanted to generate free SSL Certificates, i have configured in “[Free SSL Certificates]” the SSL, clicked on " We can set up the CNAME records for you automatically on [epiz_32940877]" and im waiting for this but nothing happend…

In my admin panel stands “Draft”

How long did you wait? Like it says on the page:

Please note that DNS changes can take a few hours to take effect.

I just checked the DNS status on the page, and the CNAME record is detected now. Which means you can now request the certificate.


its now like 16h+.

i tried to go to the control panel, clicked on ssl, generate key, filled my state, town, and mail, but nothing is generating or i dont get anythiing.

and, in my free ssl certificates there stands “draft” …

If you want to get free SSL through us, please follow this guide:

As you can see in the guide, the “Generate Key / CSR” functionality in the control panel is not used. If everything works as intended, you don’t have to interact with the control panel at all!

Your certificate is indeed in “draft” status, but the DNS check shows ready, so you can click the Request Certificate button now to generate the private key and certificate. Once you have those, you can click a button to install the certificate, and you’re done.


thanks admin, its successfully!

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