SSL certificate

###How can I remove an SSL certificate?

Your website is forcing http to https, remove that first.


From the control panel. Just click the “Delete Certificate” button, then reload the page to make sure it worked.



No. Hasn’t worked.

Why would you want this in the first place? What situation are you trying to achieve on your website?


I don’t want the hassle of renewing it every few months. Further, the site is information only and does not collect visitors’ details in any way.
But how’s this for you? The site is still showing as ‘secure connection’ and when I go into it, the certificate is showing as issued by Kaspersky and is vallied from 17/11/21 until 16/11/22. I didn’t apply for this certificate and didn’t start work on building the site until February 2022, so why was the certificate issued in November last year?

So then just don’t renew it? No matter if you have an expired certificate, invalid certificate, self signed certificate or no certificate, people will see an error if they try accessing your site over HTTPS.

If you want people to use HTTP instead of HTTPS, then just make sure that all URLs linking to your website (internally and externally) use HTTP. You’ll need to do that yourself.

Not having an SSL certificate doesn’t automatically make people who try to connect with HTTPS go to HTTP. That’s now how SSL works.

I say this to almost everyone who asks how to delete their certificate: whatever you’re trying to accomplish, deleting the certificate isn’t going to help you do it.

What I see, and what external checkers see, is that you’re using a fairly new GoGetSSL certificate:

Are you using a Kaspersky security product on your device? If so, that system is responsible for it. The most likely way this could happen is if Kaspersky (or something pretending to be Kaspersky) injected their certificate into your device’s certificate store so they can intercept the secure connection between your browser and any sites you visit.


Yes, Kaspersky installs its own cert when browsing websites.


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