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Hello everyone!

I have SSL certificate that expires today. So what I did?
I tried to install a new one, but it’s in pending status from 26-04-2021.

Also, as you can see from the picture above my Current Destination is “Ready” - I set right Record Name and Destination.

Private Key is accessible, but Cerificate field is empty.

Do I need to wait for the current certificate to expire or what is the problem?

Thank you all in advance and best regards!

Are both of the CNAME records set to “Ready”?

If so, it might still take a bit for the system to get your certificate. Just reload every 10mins or so.

It looks like this:

Current Destination is updated to “Ready” on the same day when I requested new certificate. And private key field is filled, but certificate field is empty.

What do you mean by “both”? I only have one record name and destination (see on picture) and I set them in Control Panel CNAME Records.

I am going to assume just follow what the blue banner says and just wait for the email. It still has to create the certificate I presume.

I think it got changed, there used to be two CNAME records you had to add


For custom domain, it is easier to use Let’sEncrypt instead of GoGetSSL

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I know there are some issues with the SSL status synchronization with GoGetSSL. So far, I’ve been unable to identify the cause.

It seems you were affected by this as well. Your certificate was already created a week ago. I’ve manually synchronized your order and you can now get the certificate from the client area.


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