SSL certificate

Hello I am trying to install https but I there is
(There are currently 1 TXT record(s) on the verification subdomain)
Any help please

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You only need to wait a few minutes or hours to DNS propagate


I have used cloud flare and have had some problems getting it to work.

Hi there,
May I know in what subdomain you are trying to get?
> How can I get free SSL certificates for my free subdomain?

Free SSL for free subdomains is not available at this time. In addition to the limitations covered above, Let’s Encrypt enforces strict limits on how many certificates they will issue for each registered domain name. Since domains like and count as a single registered domain, very few certificates can be issued for free subdomains. Because of that, we have chosen to not issue free SSL certificates for free subdomains at all.

We’re currently working on a way to get free SSL on free subdomain as well. But until that option is ready, you cannot get free SSL for free subdomains.

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