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[Not approved] SSL certificate request.

We have started a startup company with a small team[4 members]. For the company website, I got a free domain from the government of Nepal ie Our website is live now but the site doesn’t have an SSL certificate, so I had a request for it. It’s been 4 days till now I didn’t get approval for the request, so I deleted the previous request and added new request for the SSL certificate.

Please provide me the solution for this as soon as possible.

Hello there,

Where are you trying to get an SSL certificate? From the Client Area? If so did you follow the instructions of what InfinityFree’s SSL issuer provided you? like setting up the CNAME records and wait up to 24 hours until the CNAME records will propagate and once propagated you can click the button to issue your SSL certificate.

Also these Knowledge Base articles should help you out:


Thank you for your response. Yes i have followed all the step to get SSL certificate and waited for 4 days but there was no response.
Thank you ,

Sorry but what do you mean there was no response? I am guessing you meant about the SSL issuer generating an error regarding the CNAME records was not found or something?

I have also checked and looked up your domain for CNAME records and it doesn’t show any so while I’m not sure, it’s probably a problem with the way you configured the CNAME records so could you please share the way you’ve configured your CNAME records and what CNAME records the SSL issuer provided you?

Check this KB article for helpful instructions and more information:


If I click the Refresh DNS Status in your client area, I get the message saying that the CNAME records for your domain name do not exist. If I check them by hand, the CNAME records indeed do not exist.

And looking in your control panel, no CNAME records have been added there.

So the solution is very simple: you need to add the CNAME records as instructed. Only after you’ve added the CNAME records will you be able to request a certificate.


Thank you soo much. Finally I had fixed the problem.

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