SSL Certificate takes longer then said in description!

Hello for my Domain i installed an certificate but it still loads and it took longer then 10 min thats what it said when i pressed on zerossl

I see a SelfSigned certificate on your website, not a ZeroSSL one.


i made a new one as self signed isnt what i wanted

As a general piece of advice: please read ALL the information that’s presented on the screen, not just the information you think you need.

This means that if you click a button and you get a warning popup, that means there is something important that you need to know. Please don’t blindly click the “I understand” button without reading it, because you may be in for a nasty surprise if you do.

And if you click Choose Provider and you’re brought to another page, please read the information on the next page so you know what to do. If you did, you would know that you’ll need to perform some additional steps to get the certificate, which it appears you haven’t done yet.

Please go back to your ZeroSSL certificate, read the information presented there and complete the instructions provided.


@Admin please delete my selfsigned it wont show secure if there is a self signed still active

Please do it yourself. No one will do it for you.

Looks fine.


Did you do this?


Not more than one certificate can be active at the same time, so if you’re still seeing the self-signed one, it’s probably because of DNS and/or browser cache. Try flushing them and, if that doesn’t help, visit over a VPN/Tor to confirm it’s showing correctly.

While referring to a different issue, this article also applies in this case and may help:


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