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Hi! I have requested SSL certificate using GoGetSSL and added CNAME records in the control panel. After 2 days it is still on “pending” status. Could you help me to understand, if I have done something wrong, or something is still missing?
Thank you and best regards, Veronika.

Make sure there are no hidden spaces and that they are added in the right domain. It will come eventually.

Bagaimana caranya mengetahui ada dan tidaknya ruang tersembunyi itu? Saya sudah lebih dari dua hari, statusnya masih “menunggu keputusan”. Apakah saya harus mengulangi lagi dari awal semua proses permohonan setifikat SSL ini?

Please speak in English

How do you know if there is a hidden space or not? I have been more than two days, his status is still “pending”. Do I have to start over and over again all this SSL certificate application process?

Thank you for the reply, but nope, no “extra” spaces, I’ve checked just now…

Maybe dns cache is being naughty and taking a while to propagate…

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Okay, thanks for the response. I’ll try to wait some more, then things go

As you can see in the client area, the current CNAME destination does not match the destination it should be, so the check shows “Not Ready”. Please update the CNAME record to match the value provided in the client area and then wait a few hours for DNS caching and stuff.

Okay, I’ll try to do your suggestion. Thank you for the advice.

oh, now it worked! my error was that I have not included “”

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