SSL certificate status showing as 'Draft'

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

SSL certificate status shows as ‘Draft’ under the Free SSL Certificates tab. There is a creation date but no expiry date.

Other Information

Hi, I’m a total newbie at this so this could well be perfectly normal. I went ahead and picked Let’s Encrypt from the free SSL certificates available (some 12 hours ago), when I click on ‘verify’, it shows as ready but the status says ‘Draft’.
The reason I’m asking is cause when I go to install Wordpress, I have to select whether the URL is HTTP or HTTPS and right now it’s still HTTP. Should I just select HTTP for now and install Wordpress? Thanks for your help

Any CNAME record? Did you follow correct instructions?



Thanks! :grinning:

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Sorry, only now noticing this question, yes I did put in the CNAME record and everything seems fine.

Click on “Verify Domain”

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Sorry, the second snapshot is actually the output after clicking the ‘Verify’ button from the first snapshot. So everything should be fine right?

LOL, I’m so lame, those are 2 different verify buttons :sweat_smile:

I just clicked ‘verify domain’ now, thanks and it’s now saying requesting SSL certificate :grinning:

So I’m now trying to generate the CSR for the certificate and I have to fill a form, there is a field where I’m asked for my Company Name, what should I put there? I don’t have a company, thanks

You do not need this if you are using IF SSL tool. Private key and SSL cert will do.

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Oh ok, thanks, I was worried this was getting a little too complicated for me

Sorry to bother you again, where do I find this tool?

This is what you are using now

Right, I thought I figured it out but this is the screen I’m looking at now

Click “show”

Proceed to install private key followed by SSL cert in the VPanel


Pheww, finally, it’s done, THANK YOU!! It only took me a couple of hours LOL :crazy_face: :laughing:


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