Ssl certificate / site insecure

I’ve tried to certifications ssl and still my site is considererd insecure
used zerossl first and then changed to Let’s Encrypt because I thought that in Europre I might work better

What can I do ?

Clear your cache. I hope you installed the new cert :slight_smile:

Installing an SSL certificate doesn’t automatically make your website secure. You also need to configure your website to use it.

I see you’re using WordPress, which means you need to do two things:

  • Change the Website URL in your WordPress settings to start with https:// instead of http://.
  • Force all traffic to your website to HTTPS. You can do that with .htaccess rules as described here or use a plugin like Really Simple SSL to do that for you.

thank you for your guidance.
Last question (to avoid use Really Simple SSL , when used it crash the site).
Can you confirm image to see if I’m editing correctly in the .htaccess file

Looks correct :white_check_mark:

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No, it is not correct.

@MAYLAND, if you read the first few lines of the file, it says that anything between the START WORDPRESS and END WORDPRESS will be overwritten.

That means that every time you update WordPress, the code you added will be removed, and your website will stop working.

It’s also better to use official settings, and not mess with the code, so I recommend you enter “Site Settings” in your Admin dashboard and change your site url to


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