SsL Certificate problem!

Hey all…this is appearing to me when i asked for a new certificate GoGetSSL:

"# Request-URI Too Long

The requested URL’s length exceeds the capacity limit for this server."

any ideas?!

ouh! sorry…i think this is the pub banner!!! right?!

I’m sorry, but where do you see this exactly? Can you share a screenshot?

hi…i cannot share a screenshot cause is not happenning anymore…but that sometimes appears in the pub place holder! Below the request SSL Certificate table!!!

can you elaborate?

appears that message instead of the pub!!!

Could be a problem with the advertisement loading in. Does it just display the message on the page or does it actually prevent you from getting the SSL certificate?

nah…i think the Certificate is OK…at least it was issued and i installed…i hope is well installed…well…i guess is any of your pub banners that is broken :slight_smile: Thanks!

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