SSL Certificate Problem

i installed a free ssl a while ago ,all working, but today i have noticed that from all android devices i own using chrome and other browsers there is “Your Connection to this site is nor secure” error on further inspection when viewing the certificate it says organisation ifastNet LTD what is going on?? it is ok on a windows pc but not android devices

not working in windows now using chrome or firefox

The domain is working fine from here now. Do you still experience this problem?

When did you install the free SSL exactly?

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Yes it was working about an hour later the SSL cert was uploaded a couple of weeks ago I reuploaded it when this problem occured does anyone know why it would have been coming up with an ifastnet cert anyway?

It is happening again now showing security error and certificate as organisation ifastNet LTD

Try using a different SSL Certificate. Your “www” sub domain is directing to the HTTPS version of the site, which will cause it to show you that it’s not secure, but if you point your “www” sub domain to the HTTP version of the site, then it won’t show it. If it still continues with another SSL certificate, I would ask for support again.

- Tristen

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