SSL certificate not getting created

Username: [epiz_25490518] Website

I have create the CNAME records as instructed in both the DNS of the Infinity control panel

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and in the DNS of the portal where the website URL is hosted with the nameservers pointing to ns1 . epizy . com & ns2 . epizy . com [extra spaces to stop Markdown thinking it’s a link]

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Error Message

on the verify page |Current Destination never changes from Not Ready

I’ve tried this twice using both GoGetSSL & ZeroSSL but still can’t get a certificate to upload

Other Information

My SSL runs out in a few days


Thank you

Welcome! I changed a setting, can you send those images now?


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CNAME record at

Pending certificate 04/04/2022

and tried again 10 hours ago

Many thanks for looking at this - not had this issue before. They have always just worked as expected

Ok, I was on mobile before, but now I am back on a computer and am able to check your site.

  1. Your nameservers looks a bit off. If you are using byet nameservers, do not use the epizy ones. If you are using epizy ones, do not use byet ones.


  1. Since you are using InfinityFree nameservers, InfinityFree manages your DNS zone. Therefore, you need to add the CNAME records in place where the client area tells you to out them, in the control panel.
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OK - I wasn’t aware I was use the byet ones too. Easily Portal only shows nameservers

So should I remove the CNAME records at Easily and insert them in the CPanel at Infinity?

I think I’m just spotted my mistake vs

I’ll go and sort things out and get back to you if there is still a problem - thanks again

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If the nameservers are set correctly on your end, all is good. The fact that is is a subdomain may be part of the issue. You can ignore that for now.

Yep, those dropdowns are tricky. Glad you figured it out!

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Thanks Greenreader9 - All sorted and working

Do I need to do anything about the nameservers using byet as well?


No, if the nameservers look good on your end, and the website is working, you can ignore it.

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