SSL Certificate Not Found

Hello there,
I bought 2 SSLs before and each took only 15 minutes with being in the verification process.
But I’ve been trying to get an SSL for 3 days, but I can’t get it, I’m doing everything right I’ve set up DNS records _acme-challenge
and _acme-challenge.www
it was approved, then I created an SSL certificate, I wrote the private key and the certificate to the SSL / TLS area where it should be written and saved it.

But when I enter the free SSL zone, it says SSL certificate not found.

Is it related to me or hosting? I am waiting for your help.

  • I have not been able to record for 3 days before that I could easily do it.

You need to wait. Likely system issue…


Please see this recent topic with a very similar title and many people reporting the same issue:

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