SSL certificate issue


SSL problem
I am new user, I apologize for my English it is not very good, I have a problem with the SSL certificate, after several manipulation I managed to install it, in the status it says "valid ssl certificate is installed "but despite this I can not get to the site in Https.
Can you help me or tell me what I did wrong or should I just wait?
Thank you for your help.

You should force HTTPS in your .htaccess:

Then, clear your browser cache and try again. You may have to wait up to 24 hours.


Thank you for your quick response wackyblackie, but I have already activated in cloudflare the option “always use https” and I also tried in wordpress to indicate the url of the site in https but that does not change anything and if I add the redirection from htaccess I do have an automatic redirection from http to http but still an inaccessible site while it works under http. :frowning:

I didn’t touch anything but now I have an error message 525 ssl handshake failed, after a search they say:
Update the date and time on your system
Check if your SSL certificate is valid
Configure your browser to support the latest SSL / TLS protocol
Check that your server is correctly configured to support SNI
Make sure the cipher suites match

If you installed a certificate from InfinityFree that was not self signed, you will need to update your CloudFlare SSL settings to be “Full (Strict)” otherwise, select “Full”. Then, you can enable “always use HTTPS”. Also make sure this is in your .htaccess file before the #START WORDPRESS:

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I just changed cloudflare to “full strict” and entered the code again in htaccess, I have my redirection when I type to https but still no access to the site in https, I have an “ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR” error. I had an error 525 earlier which was different, I was wondering where it came from because I had not changed anything in the server configuration but it comes when I launch my vpn when I deactivate it I find it again initial error that looks different.Thank you for your help

without my vpn activated

with my vpn activated

Have you done the steps shown in this video after the 5:30 minute mark?

I followed all the procedures but nothing to do, impossible to make the certificate work, so I solved the problem by taking another host and everything went very well by doing exactly the same operations, I still want to thank you for your help wackyblackie and Nadora. :pray:


For anyone reading this message and wondering what the solution is:

It seems you have requested a certificate but not installed it. The installation checker only verifies if your website returns a correct SSL certificate. Since you’re using Cloudflare, it returns Cloudflare’s certificate.

The error you got without the VPN indicates that there is no SSL certificate installed on your site. The error with a VPN also indicates that there is no valid SSL certificate installed. The error is different with and without VPN because of DNS cache.

The redirect loop is caused by Flexible SSL, which WordPress can’t deal with properly on it’s own. But with a bit of configuration, you can make that work:

Alternatively, you can forego Flexible SSL and either:

  • Request a “Self Signed” certificate and use Cloudlfare in “Full” mode.
  • Request a certificate from Let’s Encrypt or another trusted provider and configure your site with “Full (strict)” mode. This is the most secure option, but you need to manually renew the SSL certificate on your hosting account every 2-3 months.

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