Ssl certificate issue

Hi everybody and Admin
I read that infinityfree provides free ssl certificate, but when I access my website I see it with http and not https, and begins with the word Not Secure, what should I do to enable SSL CERTIFICATE to my account?

Hello there,

You’ll have to manually install one.
In the Client Area, check the Menu and you will see a “SSL certificates” tab and there just follow the instructions provided on how you can install and get one for your site.

Please take note that this will only work with Top Level Domains (e.g .com .net .ml etc) and will not work with subdomains.


Ok let me do that

I have added the CNAME but still I find errors when I refresh, what to do from there

How long ago did you set the CNAME records? Like the text next to the button says: it can take up to 24 hours for the records to be visible.

Also, please don’t create multiple topics about this issue.

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I have made all setup for CNAME so that I can get SSL CERTIFICATE, but when I refresh the DNS STATUS I receive the message “The required CNAME record could not be found.”

You’ll have to wait until your DNS records gets fully propagated which takes up to 24-48 hours.


Ok thanks god bless you

You’re welcome and good luck

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