SSL certificate installation

im installing an SSL Certificate and i have already pasted the record name and Destination in the DNS (CNAME records).
after waiting 1 hour+, the website (Login to your account - InfinityFree) shows “Current Destination: <-mykeys-> READY”, im not sure how to carry on

i followed a youtube video and i think im supposed to have a private key as well as a certificate but i have not received any email (not in junk nor any other folders). please assist

Now that it says “READY”, find the banner labeled “Private Key and Certificate” and click “Show”. Then, follow this guide:


hey, thanks for the quick reply, however i refreshed multiple times and theres no “Show” button nor any banner labeled “Private Key and Certificate”

Can you kindly share a screenshot please?


Is that the whole page?

Go to Login to your account - InfinityFree and find “” and click the blue “Install” button. Then, look for a ribbon like this:

Click blue “Show” button on the right side. Then, you should be presented with your Private key and Certificate.

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aite, got it, thanks alot
now what do i need to do? i opened an incognito tab and tried visiting the website but then it returned “ cant provide a secure network connection”
do i need to wait awhile?

Did you install the Private Key and Certificate in cPanel?

Try clearing your cache. Looks fine for me.

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ye, got it, thanks alot for the help and instant replies!

hey, got one more question
do i need to wait up till 24 hours for the website to automatically redirect to the HTTPS version?
right now when i just visit, it still shows not secure, i have to visit to get the HTTPS version

Follow this guide:



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