SSL Certificate how to place Order

Trying to renew my SSL Certificate but getting stuck on how to actually place the order. Used link from email View my SSL Certificates notifying me that Certificate is expiring (long since expired), logged in and see message This certificate has expired and is no longer accepted by browsers (as expected)

Clicked the Free SSL Certificates tab at top and then see two entries for (1 expired, 1 draft)

On the Draft, clicked Verify and see that Current destination indicates Not ready (as I would expect). Other information: Domain Name is using InfinityFree name servers. I am also using Let’s Encrypt for Certificate. Verified CNAME is OK (same as was at site startup) and docs say not to delete.

Instructions say the next step is to place order for Certificate. This is where I fall apart, I forgot (and can’'t seem to find) how to actually place the order. Guess I took my ‘stupid pill’ but just haven’t been able to take the next step.

Welcome Back!
I would try just creating a new certificate.


Maybe went too far, but…

  • Deleted all existing Certificate requests (1)
  • Could not delete Expired Certificate
  • Deleted all CNAME entries
  • Created new CNAME entries
  • Requested Certificate
  • < 1h later, all is well

Thank you!

Glad you got it working!

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