SSL certificate has not been installed yet

Username ( [epiz_28470371]) - Website URL:

Error Message:

I requested a new certificate from ZeroSSL like I usually do.
Usually it takes maximum 10 minutes to get it working but this time it took too much to get it issues like two hours. I thougth it is not a big deal even it is stated it takes up to 10 minutes to be issued.
When it was issued I installed the certificate and since yesterday it has not been activated.

I am getting this error : NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID when I open my website

Other Information

Any ideas what is happening ?
I already tried to get another Certificate but it did not work it is still reading the old certificate even it says certificate installed successfully.

Make sure you install the new cert, not the old one


I just checked the link you provided and the SSL seems to be working correctly.

Certificate expires Friday, March 17, 2023 at 7:59:59 PM

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I am sure I used the new one… it is working now anyway… it seems there was some delay from their side to validate the Certificate.

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Yeah I checked it and it is working now… It took it more than 15 hours to validate the certificate. I installed it yesterday at 8 pm. This is not usual behavior from ZeroSSL.

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Yes, the issue was fixed on the hosting platform.

Just to be clear: this was not a problem with ZeroSSL but with us. Your new SSL certificate was successfully obtained from ZeroSSL and uploaded to the hosting platform, but was not being applied in the server.


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