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Something Weird Happened yesterday all of the ios Device displayed connection not private error when visiting my website. It shows that the Lets Encrypt Certificate Expired.
I checked my ssl certificate section on Client Area shows that I renewed my certificate last month and its good for next 3 months. Every other devices have no problem. Any one had similar problem??

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Your connection is not Private
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Cleared cache , web browsing history, upgraded to ios 15 , no luck.
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There have been some rumours about the let’s encrypt root certificate is expired, don’t know if it is true:

Let’s Encrypts root certificate has expired, and it might break your devices – TechCrunch

For now, using another provider may help. Like: ZeroSSL, GoGetSSL. They’re available to be generated in the client area.

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It is true, the DST Root CA has expired. Your cert is most likely using the DST Root CA.

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