Ssl certificate Error in some browsers

I purchased a SSL certificate I’ve installed it in my cpanel.
but I got error in some browsers so I found out that I should put the INTERMEDIATE certificate.
but when I try to upload it I got this error:

The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name (Encryption Everywhere DV TLS CA - G1 was seen) .

do I have to purchase a new one or get it from infinity free ? or is there any options to delete it completely from my cpanel and install it another time. because I still have a the private and csr keys .

Thank you


Make sure you are uploading the certificate for your domain name and not the root certificate.

The easiest option is to get it from InfinityFree and if your still worried, enable Cloudflare on your domain as they issue Universal SSL Certificates which use the latest version of TLS.

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Thank you for replying to my topic

I should upload the INTERMEDIATE certificate but I did not.

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Apparently, our panel doesn’t recognize your SSL certificate as being provided by a known certificate authority.

Can you please say where you purchased this certificate, what kind of certificate it is, and share the CA chain / intermediary certificates of your SSL cert here (don’t worry, all SSL certificates are public information, only the private key should never be shared)?

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