SSL certificate can not upload

I got a .cer file for my domain but when I upload it, it doesn’t work. It should include the subdomain.

The error message is:
The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name (* was seen).

Hello there,

Make sure that the common name of your SSL certificate is your root domain ( or else it won’t let you upload your domain. While I’m not sure Wildcard does work here but make sure it is just a SAN extension and not the common name of your SSL certificate.

It’s a wildcard, the * comes with it, I don’t know how to change it.

Well when you registered that SSL certificate you should have used your root domain to make sure that the common name registered is and not * or else you won’t be able to upload your SSL certificate here.

Try asking your SSL certificate authority about it they might be able to help you.

Our panel doesn’t support wildcard certificates at this time. You’ll need to issue a domain specific certificate.


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