Ssl applied & found - not showing secure on site or trusted

site unsecure.

I’m using this software:

**new issue:
site does not show secure. installation proves ssl is there. top ssl checkers show a type of error.

You may need to install an Intermediate/chain certificate to link it to a trusted root certificate
TLS Certificate is not trusted

The certificate is not signed by a trusted authority (checking against Mozilla’s root store). If you bought the certificate from a trusted authority, you probably just need to install one or more Intermediate certificates. Contact your certificate provider for assistance doing this for your server platform.

Certificate Chain Complete?
A valid Root CA Certificate could not be located, the certificate will likely display browser warnings.

Chain Certificate Status: No Intermediate/Chain certificate were found.**

You now need to force SSL on all traffic for your website:

Also, you can’t install certificate chains on free hosting, so you can either ignore that warning, configure Cloudflare for your website, as their certificates installed on their network already have a certificate chain, or upgrade to Premium Hosting to install the certificate chain along with the real certificate.


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