SSL and nameservers

I’m moving a little website from another free provider because they don’t seem to provide free SLL. I haven’t set up my website with Infinity yet, but when I do I want to use a free SSL certificate so that I can use https. Do I need to change my current nameservers or can I leave them where they are? I’m hoping to leave them where they are and that I can just make some changes for domain forwarding to Infinity Free. Thanks.

You’ve to set your domain nameservers to and first.


Thanks. Is that the only way? My current free host can work with a CNAME record pointing to their IP address. Can’t do that here?

For verifying domain ownership,you need to first change Ns to our Nameservers.


Ah, ok. I think I’ve done that differently with other hosts.

To add the domain name to your hosting account, you have to point the domain to our nameservers first. After you’ve added the domain, you can move it to another DNS provider again.

Our documentation for the SSL setup does assume that you’re using our nameservers, but if you feel comfortable managing your own DNS records, it should be easy enough to apply the instructions to your own DNS provider.

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OK, thanks for your help.

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