SSL and cloudflare and

im running a basic api checker site for a game i staff but cloudflare and the ssl certificate dont seem to be working i enabled cloudlfare on and the ssl certificate there too but the website still says not secure after i upload the certificate and no presense of cloudflare either

are you using the SSL certificate of infinityfree? once you activated the ssl of infinityfree, use full strict mode of SSL in your cloudflare.

yes, im using the free one trough infinity free, i dont see an option in the cloudflare settings for full strict mode

You can use full or full (strict) for SSL in cloudflare.

tried that and made my domain not point to infinityfree anymore, so i tried updating nameservers for both and thats also not part of the infinity free panel thats the cloudflare website, will update inf it works or not soon

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