Any chance you can turn on ssi? My site has quite a bit of server side includes for the navigation menus.

Hello @mastermesh.

I am sorry, but what do you mean with SSI?

Did you meant SSL? In my website knowledge there is no such term as ssi. Could you please be more specific in details what you want us to enable?

Thank you.


I’m sorry, but Server Side Includes are not supported on our hosting. However, most of the functions of Server Side Includes are easily replicated with PHP. For example:

<!--#include file="test.html"-->


<?php include 'test.html'; ?>

Server Side Includes have been disabled because it’s much harder to isolate SSI compared to PHP, and properly isolating accounts on our hosting (or any hosting, actually) is very important for security.

Thanks. I might try some of the php and see what happens.