SRV Record - How to?

Hello there.
I am new here, just recently got this domain and a friend recommended this service. I was setting up stuff, but no matter what I just can’t find a way to make SRV record. I read somewhere about Cloudflare, but that says “Your DNS zone file is hosted by Byethost, a Cloudflare partner.”, which I take is from here.
But there is no button for it in the panel, so I just have to ask - how do you make SRV records here?

Thank you, Onegen.

EDIT: I foundthis post where it’s said it can’t be done. But well…that’s kind of a deal breaker, so I am just reassuring if it’s not possible now. It’s quite a important thing, and well… I guess that recategorizes this post from ‘Help’ to ‘Suggestions’ tab. Why isn’t it supported?

With free hosting, you only get very limited DNS controls. Full DNS management is a premium only feature right now.

You can try to work around this by using third party nameservers instead of our nameservers, and Cloudflare is the most popular choice for this. But note that you only get full DNS management if you sign up with Cloudflare directly instead of using our control panel integration. Setting up Cloudflare manually gives you a lot more flexibility, but then it’s your responsibility to make sure your DNS records are correct. So do so at your own risk.

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