SquirrelMail localization

I installed SquirrelMail on my site and its working as expected.
However, I wanted to install my naitive language. I downloaded locale package from the project site, uploaded to the corresponding folder. I guess that I somehow need to run setup.php file to install it properly.
How to do it? Its probably not so complicated, just I dont know such things. :slight_smile: I am totally blind and currently learning to code so I am really sorry if I am asking silly question.

First we should know where is the setup.php file.Let’s suppose it is in https://example.com/plugin/setup.php .
Then we just do one thing to run it:open your browser and visit the link.(In this supposed case it is https://example.com/plugin/setup.php)
Then everything should be done.


Yeah, seems like you need to visit yourdomain.com/locale/(your language code here)/setup.php


I already tryed to go to:
mydomain.x/locale/language/setup.php, it was logic to me. But I got 403.

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