Sql208 under heavy load?

My website URL is: https://thethirdplace.co.uk

What I’m seeing is:

Frequent errors establishing a connection with the database. Very up and down kind of behaviour. I’ve ran through the troubleshooting steps and can confirm I can connect with the database, and it often does work. Yet, it frequently fails to connect for short periods.

Plugins are failing to update, generally because midupgrade they can’t establish a database connection. For now I’m upgrading things manually.

The website is running Wordpress

Ah wow, and not site suspended due to CPU limit being reached.

I’d love to know how given there has been few visitors due to the amount of downtime.

I checked your account statistics, and it looks like the daily hits usage graph and daily CPU usage graph correlate quite well. The entry process failures graph shows quite a spike too, which also indicates that there is at least some traffic on your website.

And a little bit of traffic with a resource hungry website makes it quite easy to hit the CPU limit.

The unstable database connection might also be related to this. I don’t know how, but I could imagine:

  • The database server kills your connections and queries because they are too heavy.
  • The high IO wait caused by the unresponsive database is increasing your CPU usage.

In any case, the answer lives in your website code. Which I can’t access right now, because your account is suspended.


So are these charts unreliable? I was suspended for the CPU limit but never went above the cpu limit?

Additionally the database was unstable prior to trying to do any work on the site.

The way the limits are sampled differs slightly between the graphs and the suspensions. The graphs are still mostly accurate (which is good enough, since there are no numbers there anyways). But especially with very bursty usage, the graphs show a lower usage than what is actually recorded for the suspensions.


I’m glad it’s good enough :roll_eyes:

My project was facing many database connection problems, overnight, without me making any changes to the codes.

I got in touch, I was told that my code was in error, which was not the case. The solution was to create another account and migrate all the internal files and database to this new account, I got another server that solved my problem. I recommend doing the same.


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