SQL wrong datetime now()

Hello, why is time wrong when calling now() function in my sql server ? It neither corresponds to UTC time nor any of the time zones of the planet…

Hello. Can you share sql query you send. What is the wrong output you receive.

What does the date format look like?

I’ve always wanted to see time zones from off-world.

My SQL request query is : SELECT NOW();
And the output is : 2022-12-18 11:04:28
But it is currently : 2022-12-18 17:15:32
I am in France, so it’s the CET time zone (UTC+1)
So the UTC time is 16:15:32, if the server is set on the UTC time.
But the problem is that the output from the server doesn’t corresponds to any of the time zones in the world, since they all have gaps of full hours, never some hours and 11 min !
So i was wondering why is the server set on a completely random time (according to me, but maybe there is an explanation!)

The server time is set to UTC-5 (EST), and should be kept in sync automatically. But something this breaks and the time goes out of sync.

That can be fixed, if we know what to fix. There is no “the SQL server”, we have many SQL servers. That’s why the topic template asks for a domain or username, because having at least one of those is necessary for almost all questions.

Could you please share the username of the account you’re experiencing this issue on? Then I can verify it and ask a server admin to fix the server time.


Oh ok, sorry I didn’t understand that.
So my username is epiz_33179510 (corella.epizy.com).
I verified again and the time is still not synchronized.

The server time on your account’s database server has been fixed now!


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