Sql server

I want to connect my site with external sql server
I put all detail in my site to connect
But i got driver not found
Site is work normally in local host and connect to sql server


InfinityFree provides website hosting, not database hosting, so you won’t be able to do that here.

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Hi Yassoo,

Do you mean hosting the website on InfinityFree but using someone else’s database? Although not recommended, you might be able to try using an API on the other end instead. Yes, there’s some coding to do but it gets things done the way you want.

Normally no free hosting would allow foreign connections on essential types like SMTP or MySQL, as it may pose security issues or add up costs to maintain, that is unless you’re willing to pay up.



What kind of SQL server? Are you referring to Microsoft SQL Server? Or MySQL or PostgreSQL?

Please note that our hosting only has MySQL and SQLite drivers for database connectivity. We don’t have drivers for other database servers installed because we don’t have database servers like that. Premium hosting does offer this as an optional PHP extension.


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