sql not work from migrate wordpress

hello, when migrate from another site my wordpress cant work cause say me the database host is not correct, or db server is down. thanks for help

Domain: envia.epizy.com
Username: epiz_18769983

To move your website from another host to us (or the other way around, but why would you want to do that? ;)), you will need to do the following:

  1. Copy all the files from your old host to your account here.
  2. Export/backup the database at your old host.
  3. Create a new database through our control panel.
  4. Upload the database backup through phpMyAdmin.
  5. Update your script configuration file (wp-config.php in case of Wordpress) with the database hostname, database name, username and password. Those details, or at least where to find them, can be found in the MySQL Databases menu in your control panel (the same menu you used to create the database).

As long as you set the database details correctly in the configuration file, you shouldn’t see the error you described.